Posted by Prealize Health ● January 5, 2022

More diabetes, joint pain and heart ailments projected in 2022 | Chief Healthcare Executive

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A new report from Prealize projects some patients will have greater health issues in the year ahead. The deferral of care due to the COVID-19 pandemic could play a role.


Healthcare providers are going to be seeing more patients with joint pain, diabetes, and cardiac issues in 2022, according to a new report.

Prealize released its annual State of Health report predicting health issues and how patients will utilize healthcare. The California-based company said it reviewed more than 2 million claims and used artificial intelligence and advanced machine learning to come up with its projections.

In the report released Wednesday morning, Prealize projected a 22% increase in joint pain medical encounters with healthcare providers in the year ahead, along with a 7% increase in patients seeking treatment for spine-related problems.


Some of the musculoskeletal issues may arise from decreased physical activity during the pandemic. The report also noted a number of elective spinal surgeries that had been slated to take place early in the pandemic were postponed and hadn’t been rescheduled by the middle of 2021. Some of those patients may end up needing treatment that can no longer be delayed.



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