Posted by Prealize Health ● August 3, 2021

The Must-Have Healthcare Reading List for August

As we enter August, you may be flocking to the beach to soak up some well-deserved R&R. Back at the office, you are likely juggling competing priorities, like improving health equity, increasing your star ratings, and creating stronger predictive analytics to get ahead of the curve—all while managing a remote team as the Delta variant rears its head.


Head out to your vacation and find some peace of mind knowing that we’ve got you covered when you get back to the office. Kick back, relax, and check out our top summer reading picks on how predictive analytics can solve your biggest challenges. And don’t forget the sunscreen!




Improving Care Management, HEDIS, and Star Ratings

Featuring insights from Sentara Health Plans

Sentara Health Plans, serving over 875,000 members in Virginia, recognized that it needed a better approach to predict rising risk and manage members’ care and costs. Learn what it did and see the results.





Creating an Integrated Employer Experience by Offering Stop Loss and Winning on Service

Featuring insights from Premera Blue Cross

When employers faced unprecedented challenges during the pandemic, Premera Blue Cross focused on providing them with additional flexibility.
Learn what it did and see the results.





Improving Outcomes and Reducing Cost

Featuring insights from Optima Health

The most effective way to improve health outcomes for members and reduce unnecessary utilization is to stop health problems from escalating, or better yet, from occurring in the first place. While it sounds simple, this is one of the biggest challenges facing plans, providers, employers, and members.
Learn how Optima Health is addressing this challenge and see the results.





Addressing the Behavioral Health Crisis and Improving Health Equity

Featuring insights from Linda Hand, Prealize CEO

COVID has brought to light the urgency of addressing behavioral health at all levels of need, as well as the importance of making health equity a key element of all initiatives.
Learn how AI and machine learning are helping health plans more proactively address these priorities.