Posted by Prealize Health ● January 6, 2022

Prealize Launches 2022 State of Health Market Report - The Domino Effect | EP Lab Digest

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In-depth analysis of more than 2 million healthcare claims reveals top conditions and utilization spikes that payers and providers need to act on for the year ahead


Prealize, an artificial intelligence (AI)-enabled predictive analytics company, announced the release of its second annual State of Health Report. This year's report explores key medical conditions that payers and healthcare providers should proactively address in 2022.


Nearly two years since COVID-19 first erupted in the United States, the true magnitude of its impact on the health of Americans has become much clearer. The devastating virus has unleashed a domino effect of crises, that, if left unmanaged, will continue to erode population health and increase healthcare spending for years to come.


Prealize's 2022 State of Health – The Domino Effect identifies the top at-risk conditions and utilization spikes that healthcare leaders should try to help patients pre-empt during the year ahead. Based on an in-depth analysis of more than 2 million claims, the report presents predictive findings and explores the top contributing factors, along with practical commentary from industry leaders.



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