Posted by Prealize Health ● February 19, 2021

State of Health 2021: Top Strategies to Improve Your Member Experience, Boost Engagement in the Wake of COVID-19

During this one-hour panel, health plan leaders, digital engagement experts, and industry stakeholders discussed the critical steps health plans should be taking to improve the member experience and increase high-risk member engagement. The discussion was followed by a Q&A with attendees. 


Key topics that were covered included:

  • The top 3 health diseases most at risk of increased diagnoses in 2021, based on Prealize Health’s predictive analytics models 
  • How health plans and providers can reduce these risks through targeted member experience initiatives 
  • How healthcare leaders can better under individual members to drive proactive, personalized healthcare experiences that improve outcomes and reduce cost.



  • Ryan Panchadsaram, Technical Advisor to the Chairman, Kleiner Perkins, and former U.S. Deputy Chief Technology Officer 
  • Kristin Torres Mowat, Healthcare technology and services advisor and investor 
  • John Cake, Director, Strategic Investments at Premera Blue Cross


Topics: COVID-19 Proactive Healthcare