Posted by Prealize Health ● February 1, 2022

The Other Pandemic: Plans' and Providers' Role in Solving America’s Mental Health Crisis [On Demand]

It’s become glaringly obvious: The pandemic is not over. This year, the virus will continue to unleash a domino effect of crises that, if left unmanaged, will continue to erode population health.


Among these crises, mental health is one of the most pressing issues. Is your organization doing everything it should to address it?


Watch our panel discussion with healthcare leaders and physicians where they discussed results of the recently published State of Health Report 2022: The Domino Effect. Panelists in the limited-capacity event shared how healthcare leaders can be proactive in addressing the behavioral health crisis, and fielded questions from attendees.


Our panelists included:

  • Kristin Gasteazoro, Senior Vice President at SapphireDigital
  • Alan Glaseroff, MD, Adjunct Professor and Cofounder of Stanford Coordinated Care
  • Erica Kaitz, LCSW, Private practice owner, and Clinical Operations Lead, Prealize Health
  • Lee Sacks, MD, Retired Chief Medical Officer of Advocate Aurora Health


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