Posted by Prealize Health ● February 16, 2022

The US is facing an impending chronic pain crisis—here’s what it means for insurers, digital health companies, and employers | Insider Intelligence

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The data: There could be a 22% increase in joint pain medical encounters and a 7% increase in spine-related encounters in the US this year due to drivers like delayed care, per a recent, in-depth report analyzing 2 million claims by predictive analytics company Prealize Health.

  • Joint pain outpaces any other condition at risk for increased utilization in 2022: The report predicts a 14% increase in obesity, and only a 10% increase in hypertension, for instance.

Below, we break down what the data means for three key players: insurers, digital health companies, and employers.


What this means for insurers: Massive insurers likely already have a trove of data to forecast what the top chronic conditions will be this year—which means many are already preparing to boost access to digital musculoskeletal (MSK) treatment platforms to cut long-term costs.




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